Come for the Jerky, Stay for the Emporium

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Georgetown Jerky & Emporium sells a wide variety of jerky – everything from classic beef jerky to unique meats like alligator and kangaroo with great textures and flavors! There is something for everyone at our jerky store. Looking for a snack as adventurous as you are? It’s here! Need some flavorful and hearty eats while you’re on the road, for the slopes or on the trails? Look no further! We have so many great options for people with various dietary requests, including gluten-free, sugar-free, low sugar and more! Vegans – we’ve got a great selection for you too!

Our summer hours are typically 7 days a week from 10am-4:30pm. However we do close for special occasions. If you’re coming to see us its best to call and make sure we’ll be open. Call us at 405.919.0052!

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The Emporium

“Come for the Jerky, Stay for the Emporium” is a true statement! Georgetown Jerky & Emporium is certainly more than a jerky store. Locally-made, unique products, such as fried peanuts, 15 flavors of licorice, jam, chocolate, and caramel, and keepsakes such as hand-made jewelry, Summit Lotion candles, and vintage items are just the tip of the iceberg! Find unique items that showcase their Colorado roots and enjoy the wide offering of Georgetown – all at your fingertips in our store. 

Specialty Products

A History Rich with Flavor

Georgetown Jerky & Emporium is part of historic Georgetown. While seeing the sights and passing through for some delicious and healthy snacks, check out the 150-year-old bank vault at the back. Our jerky store has character all its own, and we can’t wait to share it with you! 


More than Beef Jerky

When taking a trip through Georgetown, our jerky store is a must-visit destination. Not only will you find great products, exactly suited to your taste, we can’t wait to meet you! Every customer that comes in leaves our friend – and dogs are welcome too! Grab some healthy snacks, see some history, and make an acquaintance that feels like an old friend! 

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